Eileen Ash is a prime example of what a good diet and the right attitude can do for you.

It is very typical for people to come up with a million excuses for why they can’t do something. And time, is very often at the top of the list. Well, this amazing 105 year old lady is here to call us out on all that bs.

“There is no such word as can’t. I don’t understand people, they just give in don’t they.”

She is the oldest living Test cricketer, who drives a bright yellow Mini and is still enjoying life to its fullest. She’s been practising yoga for the last 30 years and apparently does not suffer from any morning aches and pains. A healthy diet and two glasses of red wine a day is her recipe for staying young no matter your age.

eileen ash

Having started yoga in her 70’s Eileen is here to prove that it is never too late to begin anything. She wears a big smile and is still wondering what old will actually feel like.  What an inspiration!

Today is Mrs. Ash’s 105th birthday. In Poland we often wish people a 100 years on this day. Well Eileen, we wish you 200!

eileen ash